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Online Meditation

Online Meditation allows you to have a private and peaceful meditation in your own environment.

With zoom, you can keep your camera off and be completely private or,

you can connect with the rest of the group and

build a friendship with your meditation pals.

Psychic insights and to end the perfect night of healing energy.

I look forward to guiding you.

Judie Roberts

our Practice

Let me melt away your stress by focusing on your body and mind to become deeply relaxed. This online meditation is a guided meditation – I take you on a relaxation journey where you get the freedom to walk off the guided path in spots to find what message Spirit is giving you. This relaxing, guided meditation will noticeably create a healthier you.

These meditations are structured to line-up with a new year and new beginnings. They are relaxation guides for hope, confidence, and tranquility in 2021. I will help you approach your year with the zest you need to make it your most successful. Give yourself the freedom and luxury to begin again, as we embrace the new 2021 divine energies – which I see as a new beginning for the world.

This form of guided meditation is well-suited to all levels. For beginners, you will be taken on a journey of regeneration. For those more experienced, you have the pockets of freedom within the meditation to soar on your own path. I always welcome newcomers to meditation – we will look after you and guide you through this new experience with ease.

Afterwards, I will close with a holistic healing using Reiki and Seichem energies.

Each weekly meditation varies as I guide you to tune into your angels, totem animals and cleanse your aura in the comfort of your own home.

Book online – relaxation awaits!

Secure your spot now. Join us at 6:30PM NZT on Wednesday.

Book online – relaxation awaits!

Secure your spot now.
Join us Wednesday 6:30PM NZT.